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Zenia Wadhwani

Some FUN Facts:

  • My first name is Greek in origin and means 'hospitable'. My parents found it in a baby book.

  • I suck at sports. 

  • I have a fun and mischievious cockapoo named Ziggy. 

  • There are some vegetables I just refuse to eat; they include: bitter melon, lotus root and gourds of almost any kind. No thank you!


  • My daughter came up with one of the lines in my Once Upon A Sari (can you guess which one?) and the title of my third book! 


Zenia Wadhwani is the author of Once Upon A Sari, 'Twas the Night Before Diwali and another soon to be  released title. 

She is a lover of books, an advocate for literacy and a promoter of emerging writers, but it took the pandemic and a looming milestone birthday to unleash her first children's story. Zenia's stories are often inspired by her daughter and a desire to see greater diversity in children's books.

Zenia holds a BA from the University of Toronto, a BSW from York University, an MSW from McGill University and almost got her PhD, but not quite. She has spent her career working for non-profits, government and corporations, but always with a focus on community, equity and inclusion.

Zenia lives in Toronto, Canada with her family.  

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