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Zenia Wadhwani

Some FUN Facts:

  • My first name is Greek in origin and means 'hospitable'. My parents found it in a baby book.

  • I suck at sports. 

  • I have a fun and mischievious cockapoo named Ziggy and a lovely, but sometimes grumpy feline, named Nimboo. 

  • There are some vegetables I just refuse to eat; they include: bitter melon, lotus root and gourds of almost any kind. No thank you!


  • My daughter came up with one of the lines in my second book and the title of my third book! Stay tuned for more info on both coming soon!

Zenia Wadhwani is the author of 'Twas the Night Before Diwali, a South Asian rendition of a familiar holiday poem, and the creator of a new character to the much celebrated festival of Diwali, the mithai monster! Though she denies having a sweet tooth, the character of this story was inspired by a big tray of Indian sweets, and truth be told, she never refuses her Aunty Neelam's heavenly besan burfi. 

For decades, Zenia's been an avid reader, an advocate for literacy and a promoter of emerging writers (check out her previous anthologies), but it took the pandemic and a looming milestone birthday to unleash her first children's story. Her stories are often inspired by her daughter.

Zenia lives in Toronto and currently works in the realm of corporate citizenship, where she advocates for investment in communities, environmental stewardship and greater diversity and inclusion. 

Her next book is set to come out in 2023 by Tundra Books, a division of Penguin Random House Canada. 

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